How is interest accrued on the credit card?

A credit card is a specific type of credit granted by a bank for any purpose. Everything sounds simple and inviting. However, you cannot forget about interest accrued on debt.

If the debt is repaid in the interest-free period, no interest will be charged on the borrowed amount. This means that you don’t have to pay anything to use your credit card and the loan is “free”. Almost, because you can’t forget about additional fees – e.g. for card making, possession of the card, insurance against theft. However, if the debt is not repaid during the interest-free period, the bank will start charging interest.

What exactly does it look like?


Ranking of the best online payday loans. In the given billing period, the owner of the credit card is obliged to pay the so-called minimum fee, which is about 5%. You can finish paying off your debt. However, this action activates interest charging. Banks set their own interest rate for their credit cards. Usually, this interest rate is four times the interest rate of the National Bank of Poland – that is, they reach their maximum level. If the interest rate is 3%, the bank may set an interest rate of 12% for the credit card.

Full non-cash payment repayment is not charged with any interest. If you spent 3 thousand in a given accounting period and you managed to return them before the interest-free period expires, you won’t pay anything extra for it. Interest is automatically calculated on all cash transactions on the day they are carried out. How to set up a bank deposit.

In the case of non-cash transactions

In the case of non-cash transactions

Interest is accrued after the expiry of the interest-free period. If the debt could not be repaid on time, the bank will cancel the interest-free period and start charging interest from the date of settlement of each transaction. A positive story at the bank how to build it. The bank calculates interest on the loan balance for each day, then they are added together and presented as one item on the statement.

Suppose the interest-free period ends on June 25 and the billing period lasts until June 2. During the billing period from your credit card you spent 4 thousand. On June 23, you deposited 3 thousand on your credit card. Because you broke the contract (the whole debt was not repaid on time), the bank will cancel the interest-free period.

Interest will be calculated for 3,000 from June 2 to 23. Interest will still be charged for the remaining USD 1,000 – until the debt is repaid. Moreover, interest for the period of June 2-23 and interest for remaining debt (i.e. USD 1000) will be added to the loan balance.


How to recognize scammers when you apply for loans online.

Although every day we are more familiar with online loans, before applying for your loan it is important that you make sure to do so through a formal company to avoid falling into the hands of scammers.

Today we want to help you recognize the warning signs to identify these scammers. Thus, the next time you apply for a loan online you can rest assured that you are doing it safely.

If you are asked to make advance payments, insurance is a scam.

If you are asked to make advance payments, insurance is a scam.

Formal entities that make loans online will never ask you for cash or make a deposit before disbursing the loan. Although it may be logical, many people fall into these types of traps, as scammers take advantage of the urgency and need that people have at that time. Beware of this!

Your website will be full of SPAM.

Your website will be full of SPAM.

Generally, the scammers website will be full of spam (pop-up windows with advertising that doesn’t let you see the content of the page). Another sign that tells you that it is somewhat murky is that they have pages in other languages ​​or poorly translated.

Finally, a scammer’s website generally does not have a security certificate (that is, the figure of a padlock will appear in the top bar where the web address appears, indicating that the site is secure).

They offer you an exaggerated amount of money.

They offer you an exaggerated amount of money.

Keep in mind that scammers want to surprise you and to get your attention they will offer you huge amounts of money without any requirement. Keep in mind that no company will lend you a large sum of money without asking for more requirements, checking income or having your credit history checked.

If there is not enough information about the company, insurance is because it does not exist

If there is not enough information about the company, insurance is because it does not exist

Before applying for your loan, take the time to research more about the company. Do a search online and make sure you find information like your RUC. It is also important that you make sure that the entity is registered in the SBS Financial Intelligence Unit.

In addition, when browsing your website, it must have Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy where the company’s formal data appears.

Another tip is to check your social media profiles. A company that has recent activity in its social networks is less likely to be a fake company. You can also see the comments and opinions of other customers.

Although there are scammers looking for new victims, there are also formal companies like Fred Sim, which offer you 100% secure online loans and that comply with security mechanisms and the requirements of a regulated company.

Car loan what can I afford – calculate it yourself

Car loan what can I afford – get started

Car loan what can I afford - get started

The question of “car loan what can I afford” almost always starts buying a vehicle. The market offers plenty of beautiful new or used vehicles.

Car loan what can I afford – explained step by step

We are not only thinking of the “noble bodies” whose name already says it all, but equally of the everyday vehicle. The “eyes are bigger” quickly than the wallet can afford. Before it even starts with the brand, model and market offers, the question of money arises. Time for the first checkout.

How much money is there on the high edge for buying a vehicle? In most cases, the savings are not even close enough. So finance the rest, but : car loan what can I afford?

So that the calculated number is actually realistic, it becomes a bit bureaucratic. We need the real budget surplus.

Documents – car loan what can I afford

Documents - car loan what can I afford

In your own interest, the monthly loan installments must not become a problem. With that, initially without the bank, compare the monthly income and expenses.

You will need:

  • the pay slip
  • the bank statements
  • any credit card statements
  • also a list of insurance costs

The most important information is provided by the payroll and the bank statements. The income is at the top of the list as a starting sum.

Then deduct the fixed running costs.

Fixed costs are:

  • rental fee
  • electricity
  • water
  • Telecommunication
  • Membership fees
  • Insurance costs (pro rata per month)
  • current credit
  • savings plans
  • and all other regular expenses

If an exact number is missing, the bank statements will help. They are like an “ongoing diary” of real income and expenditure. Now a line under the list. Credit planners are now one step closer to the question – car loan what can I afford? Only the cost of further livelihood: food, drink, transport costs to work, reserve for vacation, … they are still missing.

Real budget surplus – freely available money

Real budget surplus - freely available money

After deducting all average costs, the bottom line is a number. For example, 275 USD.

For your own account – not that of the bank – the number indicates the maximum rate “you” can afford per month. Good cars finance average earners with a minimum term of 36 months (the good used one) and 72 months. (New vehicles).

With this starting value, the loan comparison answers the question – car loan what can I afford. Simply enter the desired term, for example 48 months for the good used one. Then play with the loan amount. Depending on the rating of the credit rating by the bank, around $ 12,250 credit is realistic in this example.

Tip – don’t lie to yourself

Tip - don

Sure, when a nice car is within reach, that arouses desire. But lying in your pocket doesn’t help. We deliberately put the “real budget surplus” online and not the bank’s surplus calculation calculated via flat rates. “Car loan what can I afford?” Is answered in practice and not in theory.

It is the money that is freely available without changing lifestyle or restrictions. The car loan is always financed over a longer period. Spontaneously everyone is ready to put their vacation, a new computer or their hobby on hold. The calculation will not work over a long period of time.

At the latest in the case of the small misfortunes in life, such as “TV dies”, there must be additional financial scope in addition to the credit rate.

Car loan what can I afford – bank perspective

Car loan what can I afford - bank perspective

The question of how much credit an applicant can afford is of course also important for the bank. Legislators stipulate that only secure credit may be granted. The bank’s budget statement uses real numbers (specified by the applicant) and lump sums. (Flat-rate minimum living expenses).

The bank itself determines how high the flat rate is. It calculates the flat rate from statistical data that take into account, for example, age, marital status and region.

For the question – What can I afford a car loan – from the bank’s point of view, the flat rates are of secondary importance. Simply submit a loan application without obligation. The bank’s credit calculator automatically checks the budget surplus according to bank criteria.

If the automatic immediate approval is given, the installment amount fits into the household budget. Otherwise the program reacts negatively.

Mandatory credit check – further requirements

Mandatory credit check - further requirements

The final credit check is carried out by the bank’s internal check program. In order to be able to check bindingly, the legally binding loan application must be available. When all the formalities have been completed, the program asks credit bureau. The score shows how the creditworthiness is presented from a professional point of view.

Today’s checking of bank statements also checks solvency again. Now, at the latest, it is striking whether the immediate promise applies to the question – car loan what can I afford? There must also be sufficient attachable income. For families with children, garnishment-free allowances often result in the garnishable share of income being lower than the “affordable” rate.

Depending on the provider, this can lead to problems.

Car loan with two people – secure financing

Car loan with two people - secure financing

“Disagreements” about how much credit can be safely carried are on the agenda. If the bank detects an increased risk, it usually demands a solvent guarantor. The second applicant secures the credit with his good credit rating. Of course, this cannot be a game of chance for the second applicant.

That is why it is so important to clarify for yourself the question – car loan what can I afford? The crux of the matter is often the flat rates with which the bank checks whether a borrower can pay his monthly installments.

They are based on statistical averages, which can vary considerably from case to case. Of course, it would also be possible to submit the application again to another provider or to extend the term.

Smaller rates may fit the budget.

Apply safely – Lite Lender

Apply safely - Lite Lender

The question – car loan what can I afford – could also pre-examine Lite Lender. Simply send the advance credit inquiry directly to the portal.

The analysis of the software in the case of a problem by the experts shows what is realistic and portable. In addition, who can afford the car loan you can afford on optimal terms.

Instant credit on the account in 24 hours

While in the past it often took several days, sometimes even weeks, before a loan was approved by the bank and the money was made available, it is now quite possible to have an instant loan in your account in 24 hours. Both established credit institutions and savings banks as well as many online banks now offer their customers fast and uncomplicated processing of loan applications with the help of the latest IT.

A quick loan with urgent money requirements

A quick loan with urgent money requirements

In very different life situations, it may be necessary to have an instant credit in the account in 24 hours. Unexpected expenses, such as a high repair bill for the car or the additional payment of additional costs, can lead to surprising financial needs as well as cheap offers for high-quality goods, such as the purchase of a used vehicle. In such a situation, no consumer has time to wait for the bank to decide whether to approve a loan or not. In many cases, this is no longer necessary due to modern IT.

When applying for a loan in a bank or savings bank branch, the customer advisor enters the required data online so that it can be processed immediately. Inquiries from Credit Bureau, which are usually mandatory for German banks, can also be made online and will be answered within a very short time. If all checks give a positive assessment of the customer’s creditworthiness, the loan is approved.

The loan amount can then be transferred immediately so that it is available to the customer on the next working day at the latest. The procedure for granting urgent loans to online banks via the Internet is similar. Here, the customer enters all the necessary entries in dialog boxes on online forms.

Cheap instant loans

Cheap instant loans

Anyone who wants to have an instant credit in the account in 24 hours should, despite all urgency, pay attention to some information. In any case, it is advisable to compare different offers before choosing an instant loan so that interest rates that are too high do not have to be paid. On the Internet, comparison portals allow you to get an overview of the current market interest rates without much time.

However, it must be taken into account that the level of the interest rate that banks charge for a loan always depends crucially on the customer’s individual credit rating. Reputable credit institutions do not take any fees for creating a non-binding loan offer. For this reason, there is nothing to be said against simultaneously applying for a loan from several online banks and then deciding on the best offer.